Are you suffering because someone dear to you has died?

Has your child’s death left a bleeding hole in your heart?

Do you feel lonely and isolated in a sea of grief?

Have you been deeply affected by traumatic loss such as a suicide?

Are you longing for inner peace?

Do you wish to transform your grief and live a fulfilled life?

Are you seeking sacred conversation about grief, death and dying?

Welcome to The Way of Love, a place for healing, growing, becoming and awakening, a place for transforming your grief and transforming your life.

There is a way forward.

Grief can be transformed.

Life can become beautiful in ways you never dreamt possible.

I am passionate about what is possible for you.

Your healing and transformation is my passion.

Your life matters.

You have a light to shine in the world.

Susan Vos
Transforming Grief
Healing Facilitator
Tapas Acupressure Technique
Spiritual Companion